Our Values

Delicious bagels made with a Glaswegian Heart

Glasgow has a big heart, and at Brawsome Bagels we’d like to think that we embody the Glaswegian spirit in how we conduct our business. As a business, we’d like to take an active role in the community, rather than being another food outlet that values profit over purpose. That’s why we’ve decided on some key values to centre our operations around. Our core ethics centre around working with local businesses, treating our team with respect, reducing food waste, and doing our bit for local causes wherever we can. 

We source our ingredients locally

Obviously, Scotland doesn’t have the best conditions for growing coffee beans or bananas, but that doesn’t stop us from sourcing the vast majority of our ingredients from local suppliers. From our flour to the website you’re viewing, we’re committed to buying locally wherever we can. 

We treat our people with respect

We believe that brawsome bagels can only be made by brawsome people. That’s why we treat our team with the respect they deserve. We’re a certified living wage employer and offer flexible working conditions for our team.

Doing our bit for the environment

Food waste is a major environmental problem, and preventing food waste is at the heart of our business. Customers might find themselves frustrated if they aren’t able to get to the shop before we sell out, but we’re determined to minimise any of our bagels going to waste.

Lending a helping hand to local causes

Kind acts come in all shapes and sizes. As part of our company ethics, we empower our staff to engage in and promote the use of random acts of kindness as part of our day-to-day business activity. Whether it is little things, big things or great things we look to give something back to our customers, suppliers and our neighbours wherever possible.