Five Months Later…

Our founder and head honcho Ian shares his reflections five months into our journey.

I often forget just how young we are as a business. So much has happened. Between navigating a global pandemic, perfecting recipes, and getting our house in order, it feels like it might as well have been 5 years that we have been open and not just 5 months.


Despite various twists and turns, we have been firmly fixed on offering great quality food to our customers and to paying our staff a living wage. We gained accreditation for the latter before Christmas 2021 and we will maintain that for as long as the business operates.


However, in order to offer great quality and to pay our staff fairly, our pricing has to be correct. Despite everything, we are a business and we need to operate profitably. One focus must always be controlling our costs and ensuring that we are priced accurately.


Naturally, any increase in pricing makes any business owner nervous (I am no different here, especially given how young we are): ‘will customers object?’ and ‘will we lose business?’ are thoughts that have run through my mind more than once. Do I believe that there is any credence to these worries? Yes, sadly. However, if we are to remain on the high street, and survive both Covid and Brexit, then unfortunately this is the route we have to take.


Having reviewed our costings we endeavour to shop locally for all our ingredients and products. This was the second key strategy that I wanted to focus on after Living Wage certification: shopping locally. When we shop locally we are supporting other small businesses in our area. This means we are supporting local business owners and their families.


To me, it is important that we are as much a part of the community through our actions as we are by our business dealings. So next time you visit, you may notice a slight increase in what you usually pay for an unfilled bagel or a coffee, but we hope you understand that when you pay that price you are supporting our staff with a living wage, supporting a local business and the businesses it deals with, and benefitting our wider community.

Ian Brooke

Ian Brooke

Ian Brooke is the co-founder and chief pastry officer at Brawsome Bagels.

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